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Recent Search Terms

Here's a collection of the "Recent Search Terms" postings I've done on my site. Basically I browse through website logs (currently using google analytics) and look at the search terms people have used in search engines (mostly google) to find their way to my site.

how to get your mmo ideas out there

Start by being obscenely rich and famous.

how to make a demoscene musicdisk

Drop a bunch of music files on a disk with minimal graphical interface. Seems to work for most people.

how to make smiles like this ^.^ on the keyboard

Uh, you just did?

how to make stuff you shouldn't


how to tell if you are cryokinetic

Let's see. Can you freeze remote objects by the power of your mind alone?

how would i calculate the angle between the two pins of clock on windows application in c#

Do your own homework.

i dont know division of short int for 8051

Sucks to be you, eh?

if a student adds iki solution to egg white and waits for a color change. how long would this take?

Do your own homework.

is color optional in putpixel

Depends on the pixel you're trying to put. A b/w screen doesn't really care about the tint of the black or white you're plotting.

is it good to use the smoothstep filter


is making "your own" mmorpg easy money


is there anyway to make vampire fangs using a keyboard code


routine checkerboard(int size) that draws the checkerboard. place the checkerboard with its lower left corner at (0,0). each of the 64 squares has length size pixels

Do your own homework.

show how binary counter with parallel load operate as a divide by n counter

Do your own homework.

so you wanted to create your own operating system

Did I? Not really.

sol supplementry exam practice in history

Someone please tell me what the heck are these talking about?

stop terrarium fogging up

Apply plenty of ventilation.

why is cos a is always between 0 and1 ?

It's kinda defined that way.

how to build a level tutorials

Depends.. on the game.

how to build a mmorpg fansite

Just like any other web site. Mind the copyrights.

how to code fractals in opengl

Depends on the fractal. Some fractals, like L-systems, you might want to create as geometry; other kinds, such as the common mandelbrot, you would probably want to write as a pixel shader.

how to copy opengl framebuffer video memory


how to count words in a text file.cpp

Count all non-whitespace surrounded by whitespace and/or file start and end.

how to darken a sdl surface

Make the pixel values smaller.

how to determine horizontal and vertical distance in graphic c programming

Substract the coordinates from each other.

how to disable 1 bit logical operator

To toggle, use xor. To enable, use or. To disable, use and.

how to do 32 bit shift left operations on 64 bit machine

Use a 32-bit data type, or if that fails, mask out all unused bits.

how to do graphic for my game

With hard work.

how to do old school graphics programming?

SDL is pretty good, in my opinion. Others prefer allegro.

how to draw sonic the hedgehog how many spikes do you have?

Maybe google for some images of said critter and count yourself?

how to draw vampires tutorial

Draw people. Add fangs. Captivating eyes optional.

how to enable backspace in html textfield

I didn't even know you can disable it. Live and learn.

how to find max value for same two lookup values

Lookup tables are generally a 1:1 relationship between key and value, so maybe you're talking about some more complicated data type?

how to fix a webcam problem generating a hazy pic

It's likely to be unfocused. Try to focus it - in many cases that's done by rotating the lens.

how to get a lumex lcd character display to work with a microcontroller

With hard work.

how to get calculate position using srand

Calculate. Using random. Um.

how to get ride of debugger detected - please close down and restart !

Petition to make all forms of DRM illegal?

how to get the most out of mmorpg

Don't play it. Instead, buy a good book, and read it. In a café. That'll give you all the fantasy you need, along with real social interaction. Yeah, like I'm the one to preach..

how to implement blining cursor using sdl

Don't draw it every frame.

how to include bresenham line algorithm into opengl to draw alphabet on grid

You don't need bressenham in OpenGL; just use the line primitive.

how to install terra nova strike force centauri on vista


how to make a high graphic game

Start from a low graphic game, and then lift the graphics higher.

how to make and sell your own role playing game

Travel back in time and try to talk to TSR and folks in the early 80's.

how to make good pixel graphics

With hard work.

how to make skeleton using metal threads as homework

Wow, cool! What school do you go to?

how to make slippery tiles rough

Depends on the material, but chisel and hammer might work.

how to make your sister do stuff for you

Following the golden rule, do stuff for your sister?

how to map lpdword to wparam

"lpdword" being long pointer to doubleword and "wparam" a word parameter, I'm not sure if that works. But win32 api being weird as it is, maybe it does.

how to sell your mmorpg idea

Step one: Find someone incredibly stupid enough to pay for ideas. Step two: introduce him/her to me..

how to use boolean logic with effects alcohol has on syndrome babies


allocconsole second thread second console only one console

I think a windows process can only have one console. Could be wrong, though.

c program to display a given positive integer number like an lcd screen 3x3

Kind of an interesting school assignment. Does this refer to some graphics mode, or text? Either has its own challenges.

calculate and plot pixel coordinates of line that have two and points (10,5) and (2,2) using bresenham algorthm assuming that the starting point is at the left

I don't know.. could you be a bit more specific?

can you make an mmorpg in html?

Sure. Can you? Of course the back end can't be pure html, and some ajax stuff needs to be applied..

dare survival

To quote Sokal's Ankardo, "bravery is not having imagination at the right time" (or some such)

galaxql refreshes blinks

Probably on a mac. wxwidgets doesn't work exactly the same on all platforms.

getting x and y coordinates from the color hex like "0xffffff"

You're asking for a two-dimensional coordinates in cartesian space from a 3-dimensional color space?

how do i get pyrokinesis to show up on my webcam

Step one: perform an actual pyrokinesis.

how to block off water in a vivarium

We keep the ventilation and temperature high. High temperature keeps the water in mostly gaseous form, and ventilation gets rid of the extra moisture.

how to calculate transformation in 3d game

That's probably one of the most fundamental things while making a 3d game.

how to change levels in a game programming

Depends entirely on the game in question, but the basic idea is to ditch all the data about the old level and load up the new one.

how to convert picture to ascii art 16 colors

More art than science, I've found.

how to find text mode character size

You generally speaking don't. And the user may change fonts on the fly, as well. Some fonts are vector fonts as well..

how to get calculate position using srand

Now, 'srand' initializes the random number generator. It doesn't even return a value..

how to pause loop sdl

SDL_Sleep() yields the thread for N milliseconds, if that's what you're after. To make a 'pause' mode in your game, you need to implement game clock separately, and don't increment that while in pause mode.

i want a mmorpg that's a bit different

That's the problem, isn't it? Everyone wants to make an mmo that's only a bit different.

if we received a radio message from alpha centauri today,how long agp would have it been sent?

About 4.37 years.

in the game,what is the most important tool in the time of survival

Your wits.

latest survival stuff

You're on the wrong site.

my logitech webcam has suddenly gone hazy

Stop smoking.

no suitable graphics card found couldn't find a direct3d device that has a direct3d 0 level dirver and supports pixel shader 1.1 or greater this program requires pixel shader 1.1 and vertex shader

That sounds a lot like an error message from some application. How about searching the net for the application instead?

please play these samples in windows media player before playing them in fake webcam

What's a fake webcam?

secret capture mouse c++ wxwidgets

It's no secret.

setting up game programming environment on windows

Depends a lot. You may want to use pygame, or install visual studio. Maybe you want flash devel tools instead.. or inform.

text mode blocks how many pixels

8x12 is the normal one.

vesanen juho evtek

Yeah, I know, I've been trying to reach him for ages, but he's always busy.

what graphics program should i use to create a game

Adobe Photoshop is my weapon of choise, but there's plenty of free tools out there nowadays that may do the trick, like

what you need to know to start programming your own mmo

If you need to ask, you're not ready.

"did she blush

Possibly. Who's asking?

"game programming" "cpu cache"

Largely irrelevant.

"tutorial" method "develop" high graphics "games"

Prefab materials. Use prefab materials to populate content. Use lighting and shading to provide variety.

1. what pixels will be marked in drawing a circle (100, 90) in graphics

c++ samples guessing number, coordinates size of triangle exit program

create a graphical app java program that displays a checkerboard with 64 squares altering blavk and white

What's this, ask google to do my homework?

atanua remove grid

There's no way, but you can simply select everything and drag it up or left out of the grid.

avr reading mouse movement

Depends on how you're interfacing mouse with your AVR.

bullet hell algorithm

From what I've seen, they're mostly sin/cos things.

glcopyteximage2d is slow

Yes. Use FBOs instead.

how do you code the graphics part of a game

Blood, sweat and tears. And some fun mixed in, too, I guess. There's also lots of reference material, books etc, available, but effort is the key, I think.

how much milliseconds does getmessage(&msg, null, 0, 0) execute

Probably around zero, but it rather depends.

how to power a pc fan vivarium

I used an unused cellphone charger. It was an old one, and conveniently gave me 12V. Your mileage may vary.

how to use boolean logic with effects alcohol has on syndrome babies


make your own mmorpg without programing or writing codes

You know, there's probably a real market here. Set up a turnkey mmorpg solution, and sell tons of copies. Except that these dreamers probably don't have any money.

nibble twiddling

That doesn't sound quite right..

parts of a microsoft keyboard and putting one back together

Oops =)

photos alien wrist implant

It's actually some more or less common disease, doesn't really have anything to do with aliens.. (no, I don't have one, I googled this)

project+microcontroller based baby cradle system+source code

That sounds pretty dangerous to me. Someone's life might be at stake.

site: -"congrats on the boy from druggy :)"

Thanks druggy, and now we retire this "hacking" trick. Can you figure out others?

source code in opengl projects on cracking of egg

Sounds interesting. I'd probably skip the physics and just fake it.

start your own mmorpg server

Follow the installation instructions supplied with your product.

uncfl created by jari komppa

It was actually created by Jetro Lauha. I am the authof of CFL though.

what happens if you dont start your writing sol on the first line?

Based on how the question is formed, probably something awful. I have no idea what you're talking about though.

whats the meaning of the "best swordsman"

It means that by some commonly and independently agreed on standard, there is some person who is the best swordsman.

where can i get documentation for data encryption and decryption in .net for mca fianl year project

I'll just hazard a guess, but.. from microsoft?

who owns terra nova strike force centauri rights

I wish I knew. Although, if I did knew, I probably couldn't do anything about it.

"what is" + "0xff" + pixel + color

That depends a lot, you know, on the graphics mode.

(1-t) interpolation

You probably meant e1-t instead.

+demo +coding +tutorial

Do some effects. Sync them with music. Figure out a cool name. You're done.

.cfl file opener

There's an uncfl in the cfl source package, that might help.

c++/opengl sample code to implement room with furniture

That's quite specific, don't you think?

can i view sol files

Unless they're hidden, why not?

compile sdl into executable

The answer used to be, you don't, but now you can, if you're willing to pay for it.

funny pictures 80x50

Well, some like them small, I guess.

graphics required for games-explanation

I'd like to hear that explanation too.

how old do you have to be to make a mmorpg

I try not to pick mmorpg queries but I think this one speaks for itself.

how to build a game level

Depends on the game.

how to calculate lighting on height maps

You could do some ray-tracing, or you could convert the height map into a normal map and use that.

how to draw microcontroller in wxwidgets

Microcontroller. You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think.

i want to make a mmorpg and i have a team what engine

If you have to ask, you don't.

karnaugh map xor trick

It's a kind of a checkerboard pattern if I remember right.

mmorpg in which you create your own character

Doesn't that kind of cover every single one out there?

name of character on keyboard on zero button

Uh, zero?

rob zombie sinister urge copy protection

No, it really does sound like that.

sol of trauma (jari komppa) is a nice guy, he will like this line

I think I'll stop quoting obviously "hacked" results now, unless they're really special.

the golden compass compass w32 stop working

Is that you, Lyra?

what is logic simulation

It's logic, simulated.

download mca final year project sample in .net

Now I don't know what mca is, but as a query this sounds rather suspect.

guess secret number replayable programing c++

The trick is in calling srand with the current time to get a different random number every time.

how does a cpu use bit shift

The most common way is to use a barrel shifter, I believe.

how to pause a while loop using sdl

Now, it's entirely possible to "pause" a while loop by, for instance, using some kind of longjmp trickery, but I suspect this is a case of a wrong question.

i have used settimer() in windows programing but not sending wm_timer

Are you handling wm_paint messages properly? Windows really, really wants apps to handle painting, so it's possible that your timer messages simply aren't getting through.

lets make mmorpg together

lets not.

light block plastic sheeting for vivariums

Bought ours used. Sorry.

stories ideas - the town where nobody smiles

Try Finland. It aint no story.

use of vesa functions in windows to access video memory

This sounds like a rather weird trickery. However, I'm pretty sure the video drivers won't allow it.. most VESA drivers under windows are broken anyway.

8051 programming code for door locking with secret code with touch screen

Sounds complicated, but could be a fun project.

c code to draw dark line using bresenham

Take the Bresenham algorithm, and.. I don't know, plot black pixels?

content driven mmorpg

All of them. Except maybe love. No, wait, that too.

debugger detected please close it down and restart linux

linux? That's a rather familiar dialog from windows, but.. linux?

directx melting snow blend alpha

That could actually be a fun project, in 2d, to do with cellular automata.. cells distributing "coldness", and outmost ones, getting too warm, turning into water and flowing away..

gta 4 ati z-fighting problem

Make sure you set color to 32bit.

how to capture mouse movement in 1 frame buffer by another frame buffer

Who to the what now?

how to count words in a text file .cpp

Google is such a great tool for homework projects, don't you think?

int 13h graphic tutorial

Oo, I know this one. "mov ax,13h; int 10h" to set the mode. Plot pixels in segment 0a000h. To change palette, set color offset by outputting to port 03c8h, and set the colors by outputting to 03c9h (r,g,b,r,g,b..). For retrace sync, read port 03dah and check when the high bit is one. Wasn't life much simpler back then?

interfacing avr microcontroller with webcam


is cloning now possible?

Yes, but not in the way the popular media shows it. You don't walk in a closet, press a button, and see a clone of yourself; it is, however, possible to grow "identical twins" of sorts, and as you should well know, identical twins are separate entities with different whims, memories and whatnot.

light textures

Do you mean lighting textures or textures that don't weight much?

make a sdl application have an icon in windows

I used a program called resource hacker once to put an icon to a ready windows application. Anyway, windows uses the first icon resource as the appicon, so you can add it in visual studio, for instance. Then, you can use a SDL call to set the runtime icon as well.

make your own character that you design

Step one: get some paper. Step two: get a pen. Step three: ???. Step four: profit!

maximum value of 16 bit word 65535 or 65536

The maximum value a 16-bit word can contain is 65535, or 0xffff. Since we start to count from zero, the maximum number of discrete values a 16-bit word can represent is 65536.

opengl flc player

I'd probably render in software and then upload each frame as a texture. This will, however, eat plenty of bandwidth. I doubt it's possible to write a FLI/FLC decoder in a shader language though..

should you sleep extra hours before a contest

Can't hurt. i'm just trying to mess your search results ;)


amateur mmorpg

Amateur pro wrestling?

anyone who announces they are leaving sol let's see how long they can stay away for

Uh, sure.

basic kanji book

What do I look like, a library? Have you checked if amazon has something suitable?

bit shift tutorials on int and char data types

They're more or less the same, with different amount of bits. Except if you're talking about java, in which case char is a bit more different.

escapi camera save file

After you've captured a frame, save it.

gta iv highly compressed full game download

This almost made me laugh out loud.

how to create persian font in glcd in microcontroller 8051?

The same way you do western font in a graphic ldc in microcontroller 8051: pixel by pixel.

how to fix a webcam problem generating a hazy pic

Check if the camera has a focus adjustment, this is typically done by rotating the lens. Check the manual of your device.

how to make cryokinetic effect in photoshop

No idea, but it sure sounds interesting.

how to make people love you in mmorpgs

Be nice?

it's important to note that you shouldn't try to optimize you homepage for more than on theme

Is it? Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about. There's plenty to optimize in a homepage, like navigation, readability, accessibility, render speed..

little circle with r in it keyboard functions


new blocks fall down into grid beginning game programming tutorial

Okay, that's one idea.

sdl resize windows lost texture

Yes, you lose textures when resizing an SDL window. Luckily they're pretty easy to put back, as long as you load your textures through the same function every time. See my 2d gl basecode for an example how to do this.

she looked at me with a tear in her eye

How romantic!

shower door effect kernel in image processing

What, you mean like a blur?

sites which can help me in making project on simulation of bcd adder

If digit is greater than 9, reduce digit by 10, add one to next digit.

sol pisses me off

A thousand pardons, effendi.

terra nova strike force centauri source code

Don't I wish.

using your keyboard to draw

Dip your keyboard in a bucket of paint..

what is meant by handle to device context

That's two abstraction layers you're talking about. Handle abstracts data access, and device context abstracts the target hardware.

why sol's shouldn't count towards graduation

Could someone tell me what the heck is this referring to?

"strange attractors" pixel shader

I'd probably use the vertex shader for this. Makes more sense.

are hwnd and winclass.hinstance the same

No. Back when windows was still in real mode, it made sense to have only one copy of an application in memory even if the user saw several instances of it. Each instance was separated by having its own hinstance. It's historical garbage.

feet hurts no apparent reason

Go see a doctor.

how do i write a movie animation program with dev-c++

Do people really think they can find tutorials like that?

how to make a baby cradle out of a watermelon


how to multiply a(10 bit variable) with b(5 bit variable) in easy steps?

Step 1: a*b

i need a team to make my own mmo

I really should stop commenting on these, as they only seem to attract more of the same.

need for speed carbon (download compressed file) what's next

Go to the store, buy your own copy.

platform specific file open dialog sdl

Should get around to cleaning up and releasing it. *sigh*

why do we need vector normalization in graphics programming

Because floating point math isn't accurate.

winfrotz symbian

Instead of winfrotz, try to find frotz for symbian.

zlib microcontroller


"boom boom driller" source code

You know, I've been considering cleaning it up and releasing it. Whether I get round to it depends.

a simple understandable tutorial for compiler design?

Yes, that would be nice.

can we add pixels on the white dots on the screen


coding of traffic controller by using atmega32 microcontroller

Sounds like a school assignment.

create ur own games then own them 100%

Do it by yourself, don't steal anything, don't use copyrighted material. Presto.

curver aromafresh

Why on earth do I find this in every month's search terms?

cycle exact simulation

Is tricky.

have your own mmorpg

Sigh. Let's consider this. If everyone had their own mmorpg, who would play them? If nobody plays a mmorpg, is it multiplayer, much less massively so?

how can i get c program for graphics to create a game

The person who said that there are no stupid questions obviously didn't read search terms for his website.

how to clone an mmo and make it your own


how to create a cfl file


how to make a 1% sol from a 48% sol

Add water.

how to write text-mode demos

Figure out how to plot characters in text mode, and then.. do a demo. There are plenty of libraries out there which you can study to figure the first part out, if you don't want to use the libraries directly.

i don't understand pitch in sdl

Width is the.. width of the visible image. Pitch is the width of the image, including non-visible part. To get to the start of the next visible row, add pitch. Note: pitch MAY be the same as width.

i want to make a mmorpg but have no idea how

Accepting the facts is the first step towards getting healthy. I'm glad for you.

if you have 128 pixels how far will that go in seeing distance

Depends. Are you an ant, a bee, or a HD-ready security camera?

is graphics programming fun?

Much more so than just playing around with algorithms with no connection to reality. With graphics you have something.. more real. It's like physics is to mathematics, I'd say.

my life the game that you get make your own life just how you want it

Let me guess: someone told you to get a life?

prince make sol valve

watermelon pour moon bolt

replace game and watch graphics


what does the word vertices mean


what is esc to quit in c++?

That isn't what c++ is for. You need to check the problem at slightly higher level. What operating system and/or framework are we talking about?

who was the first main sourse of housekeeping

What the heck?

win32 selectobject what does it do

I'll just wager a guess here, but I'd say it has something to do with selecting an object for something..

achievers not dreamers programmers

While finishing tasks and projects is one of the most valuable characteristics of a good programmers, having a bit of a dreamer in you doesn't hurt.

adobe after effects tutorial cool intro square tunnel

What, square tunnel is a cool intro? On what planet?

are there games where you build your own stuff

Yeah, it's called the GNU compiler collection.

buy your own mmorpg site

I guess it's possible.

calculate angle and distance c code

Angle - look up atan2. Distance - look up pythagorean theorem.

calculate distance in perspective

Now that's a bit trickier.

can a hedgehog's spikes hurt you


cbclsextra is for

User data.

directx 7 sdk sucks

Try OpenGL instead?

electricity effect d3d c++

I did this by making a more or less linear triangle strip, and then randomly moved vertices around a bit. Additive blending, and a cool light blue color. Worked pretty well.

gdi+ crash and matrox

Matrox is still around?

how to build a toggle with atanua

Look up T-latch.

how to make a c++ educational game

Make a game. In C++. That is educational.

how to make a game use less graphics

Re-use some.

i'm 14 and want to make my own mmorpg

That's nice. You may have it done by the time you're 25!

if (you're happy and you know it()==1) } then clap your hands() c#

Okay, let's all calm down, take a deep breath..

kaija koo pics

In certain light, sure.

ludum dare tutorial

No-one can be.. told.. what the Ludum Dare is. You'll have to experience it yourself.

screen shows lemon background vertical lines when starting xp home what does it mean

Probably a broken vid card.

site hiring people with good mmorpg ideas

In your dreams.

the gtk file open dialog blows

Yes, it does, doesn't it?

things you need to make a successful mmorpg

Plenty of money to burn, and no hurry in paying it back.

vc++ change display resolution fail

epic fail?

want to make my own mmorpg

What is it with people who want to make their own MMO these days. Would they play their neighbor's own MMO? Where would they find all the players for their own? I guess running a BBS 'back in the good old days' was kind of running your own MMO..

what is an 8051 processor emulator

Depends on whether you ask a hardware or a software guy.

why is boolean 8 bits

It isn't. Boolean is a concept. How this concept is simulated depends on the system. Booleans can be anything, from 1 bit to a bazillion. Common values are 8 and 32.

winapi future

With all mission-critical winapi-based software out there, I'd say it has a few years in it yet.

bring window to top which one will be clicked + win32 api

I have no idea whatsoever.

c programming+ datastructures +change the colors of bmp file+linux

Using a few more quotes would probably get better search results. Sounds quite specific..

carma cameleon lyrics

It's Karma. You know, "your Karma ran over my Dogma", and all?

curver aroma fresh

No idea.

decrypt cfl-file

Good luck. Most CFLs in the wild with encryption, the ones that I have had anything to do with, anyway, use pseudorandom xor encryption, which, as far as I know, isn't "cryptographically safe", but personally I have no idea how to attack it. Apart from hitting the application with some hardcore debugger and let it decrypt whatever you wanted. This assuming that we're talking about my compressed file library format files.


Aiming high?

flc fli source code

There were several flc-related searches in the log, including ones linking SDL and flc, wxwidgets and flc, and PSP and flc. Either 'flc' has started to mean something else as well (than the old 'flick' animation format), or there's something weird going on. Anyway, you're on the right site - download for the sources. The fli/flc part is not textmode specific. There's some trickery involved if you want to port it to ARM, as there's some non-aligned 32bit reads going on.

graphic operating system from scratch tutorial

Here's a hint. Operating system != user interface.

how much money do i need to build my own mmo

If you need to ask, more than you have.

how to make graphics?

Good question.

i need a team to make my own mmorpg game

Why not just join some team that's already working on one?

i was done xor to one veriable but now i want it back same variable

Hit your 'veriable' with the same xor again.

is there a mmorpg that you can create what you want?

Depends on what you want.

liquid keyboard drying time

This one just depends.

logitech quickcam 100ma messenger download

Tried the logitech site yet?

making your mmorpg popular

Ah, another good reason why you need more money than you have.

max value of int using bit operation

Try "Not zero".

my pc writes z instead of y

Wrong keyboard layout, maybe?

opengl how to draw cosine and sine

Sample the sine and/or cosine and create, for example, line segments between the samples. If it looks too blocky, take more samples.

photoshop filter to create zx-spectrum style graphic

The ZXSpectrumizer to the rescue! Actually, when I made the Koalizer I did the ZXSpectrumizer just for the heck of it, but for some reason it's more popular. Weird brits, I guess.

ripped max payne 1.0 stops working after some time vista

Perhaps you should try a purchased copy of the latest version of max payne? It's available on steam, for example..

shower door hinge

The last time I looked, shower doors tend to be sliding ones, instead of hinges. This doesn't mean that there could be hinged doors in some showers. Our current shower just has a curtain.

sol dirty

But I just took a shower!

step by step create s3m

First, build a PC that's capable of booting to MS-DOS, and has a ISA sound board, such as SoundBlaster Pro or Gravis Ultrasound. Install MS-DOS 3.3 or equivalent, and whatever version of ScreamTracker 3 you can get your hands on. Read the documentation of the latter for more information.

.fi website extension

It's Finland, Baby!

.pcx library in .net

Wow, old image formats never die. I don't think converting old C code to C# would be difficult..

7474 pins connection

Next time, search for "7474 data sheet", mmkay?

a paint program c source using opengl

Interesting idea.

adding and substracting in a differnt base

Step 1: convert to same base. Step 2: add or substract. Step 3: convert to whatever base was desired.

address of brilliant tutorials

Try this.

afraid of 3d math

Most of the time, you don't need to be. APIs tend to hide most of the complexity, although knowing some concepts does help.

ascii code for alphabits in c++


atanua +rotate

Select part, press Ctrl-R.

atanua examples

Inside the distribution zip file. (or tar.gz, or .dmg)

atanua help tutorials

There's the interactive flash demo which might help; contact me if you really think there needs to be something more comprehensible.

atanua source

My experience with the linux community has caused me to reverse my earlier plan to release the sources. Maybe some year.

bad base code image


best place military service finland

I can heartily recommend the signal regiment in Riihimäki.

best way to learn sql

While I wrote it, I still think GalaXQL is at least the most FUN way.

bit manipulation is it faster in c

Faster than..?

bit twiddling highest bit

There were several search terms like this; some way to find the highest bit. That is actually a rather interesting problem. This page has several solutions.

broken framebuffer vesa


c hex 0000011110110111

My windows calculator says 7B7. Does that help?

calculating screen pitch

You generally don't calculate it, but get it from some API.

checkerboard on games asus 8600

Sounds like a broken video card (or possibly bad drivers)

cursed things

Lots of things are being cursed every day.. like crashing computers, or the Symbian OS..

floating dots game


galaxql answers

Yeah, I probably should get around to writing some kind of document on that. On the other hand, that would also require a rather big reworking of GalaXQL from my part, so don't hold your breath.

gametoy corporation

Alas, my 'gametoy' project has probably stopped, as I ran out of motivation on it. And no, I have no idea about the corporation =)

helpful ways to get through the sol tests

Who to the what now?

how to make your own 3d mmorpg easy and fast

This question can be understood in two ways. Either it means "how to build the mmorpg in a easy and fast manner", or it means "how to make the mmorpg easy and fast". Answer to the latter would be by optimizing and doing focus group testing; answer to the former is, you don't.

how to steal game files from a game


i want to make an mmorpg of copyrighted characters

License the characters then. If you have the funds to make the MMORPG, you probably also have funds to license the characters.

ir webcam software

Usually it's the hardware that does the IR thing, not software.

koala painter for windows

I doubt there's one, but there's always the Koalizer photoshop filter!

loading bmps c++ without d3dx

Look up the BMP file format and write the loader. Or use one of the bazillion image loading libraries out there.

make old 8 bit graphics gfx game

First, you need to travel back in time. There's no other way to make an old game.

make your own text based mmo

Look up MUDs.

mikko nurmi metal

Quote from IRC: 22:51 <+spector> hääh?

nand gate 7402

As far as I know, 7402 is a bunch of nor gates, but different manufacturers don't neccessarily agree.

negative values as booleans in c

C doesn't really care if your booleans are negative or positive. 0 is false, anything else is true.

pcx compress source

You may wish to peek into my 'pcxlite' (under "code"); it includes PCX saving routines.

purchase base code

Contact me, maybe we can work something out.

sdl blur c

You may wish to try to apply a 3x3 averaging filter kernel over an image.

sdl webcam support linux

There was some talk about doing a linux port of escapi, but it never materialized.

sdl, bundle into exe


simple coding to renders several copies of object in different position using opengl

Render object. Adjust matrix. Repeat as neccessary.

symbian pause millisecond

Good luck.

tutorial for drawing detailed trees with shadows

I recommend shadow maps, even though they have their own problems. Doing stencils on detailed trees sounds painful.

watcom win32 api

Look up wintab.

what resources do i need to make an mmorpg?

Money. Lots. More than you have.

windows winapi stop shutdown

Uh oh.

winfrotz games

Look up z-machine, inform and infocom.

5 bit binary list

00000 00001 00010 00011 00100 00101.. you get the picture.

64-bit hexadecimal fill pattern


640 bit programming


8 bit to 32 bit operation c example

char my8bitvalue = 0x3f; int my32bitvalue = my8bitvalue;

altering the graphics card color look up table

I think this question was relevant a decade a go or so.

c bit manipulation 512 bits

Split it in 32 bit chunks and you're nearly there.

c++ number-guessing game with switch


can u do a quake source mmo

Yes. But why?

change color while the ball rotate

Just do it..? I can't see what's difficult in that..

change icon in an sdl application

This comes in two parts. First is to change the app icon, which is platform-specific, and the second bit is that you can change the running application's icon with a simple SDL call.

compiling drivers for gp2x tutorial

Don't see any reason why you'd need to compile drivers for the gp2x..

cosine for game programmer

Hint: it's exactly the same as the cosine for other people.


what stuff does alcohol cause

Hard to say, considering that I don't drink.

definition "content-driven projects"

There's projects that are logic-driven (or code driven), like tetris or minesweeper, and then there's projects that are heavily content-driven, like all MMORPGs, etc.

dev c++ lowercase to uppercase tutorial

char foo = toupper(bar);

generate rare name

I guess if you take a bunch of random characters, you'll end up with a rather rare (and unpronounceable) name..

help to make bcd and binary up and down counter using 4 bit binar adder and a register

Why would I help you do your homework?

housekeeping graphics


how do big companies make mmorpgs?

With big piles of money.

how i want to make stuffs

I wouldn't know.

integer division with boolean logic

Have fun =)

koala painter for windows

I planned this kind of program long ago, but found better uses for my time.

looking team for mmorpg making

I'm pretty sure you can buy one from China, or India. The team, I mean.

make a huge mmorpg


make old 8 bit graphics gfx game

That's more like it! awards

Unfortunately, nobody has given my site awards (that I've taken seriously, anyway).

sol writing games

Mostly at Ludum Dare.

survival do nots

Don't die.

symbian pause millisecond

Good luck.

triangle strips to render n-sided polygons

Try fans instead.

veggietales theme teachertube

Who to the what now?

what are exceptions in 8051

Do yourself a favor and find the data sheet.

what is 0xff as an unsigned integer


what mmorpg developers need to create better games?

Stop making mmorpgs?

why we should lock vertex buffers before writing in it

So that the driver knows that you're changing the data. Too many cooks and all that.

you want

Funnier search terms =)

"i was afraid to say anything"

I'm not surprised.

"who owns the rights" to terra nova strike force centauri

Nobody knows, is my guess.

$sql ="delete from where (


+how +to +make +graphics +in

+in +a +very +slow +or +alternatively +in +a +unsafe +way +I'm +afraid.


Okay, if you're from the cola company legal department, don't sue me; if you're from the marketing division, yeah, I'd love to get paid for the product placement =)

2 color balls sorting problem

If the radiuses (or however that's spelled) are the same, just sort the centers.

256 bit sine lookup table

Whoa, 256 bit accuracy, that'll take some calculation!

a manual on how to create your own mmorpg

Oh fer pete's sakes!

accuracy float cpp

Worse than you'd think.

alternative zu solvbe

None that I know of, except for using dosbox, naturally.

answers to galaxql 2.0

I'll write them any year now, honest!

are there any countries in the world news starting with the letter "y"?

I don't know, Yemen?

beginners c programming tutorials

One of the projects I'd love to do is a beginner's tutorial in C in the same way I did galaxql. Maybe one year.

better console application for os x

What do you mean better? Maybe you meant a better shell?

bit, byte, nibble, word, long, short, boolean, etc.


book puts devil on trial

devil's advocate, maybe?

c++ and code::blocks tutorials

Put out a stable version and I'll write the SDL tutorial for code::blocks.

change slidervalue as textfield value changes

You need to update the slider value from the text field and the text field from the slider. It's kinda tricky but works.

clean natural keyboard space

Probably easiest by taking the whole keyboard apart.

coding l-system

One of the good sides of browsing these lists is getting ideas. One idea is to make a galaxql-style "studio" for l-systems. Maybe one year..

coldfusion cv

It's been so long since I touched CF the last time that I don't know if I'd recognize the language anymore.

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