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GameToy hardware project

These pages describe a sort of blog-ish time log on my 'GameToy' hardware project (stalled indefinitely).

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October 22nd, 2006 - tina, SDK

Click for a ~200k WMV video

Figured I might as well try to do some 3d on the device, and lo and behold, it's actually pretty fast - in pure C even. And there's nothing ingenious going on, the filler is pretty stupid and so on. I also implemented some line drawing using putpixel. After doing the all too typical cube, I modelled my 'S' logo in 10 triangles and made that rotate around the Y axis. This is what you'll find in the video above.

As jolle from #ludumdare put it, "i see a thing rotating. truly the next gen is upon us ;)"

I found that the scanline filling routine I had written before did not handle under-8-pixel scanlines, and thus I had to implement that. I spent a couple hours (again) figuring out why the routine fails on the device but works on windows. As it happens, shifting by a huge number (say, x >> 254) ends up being a no-operation on AVR. Fun.

I also fixed one rather silly bug that slipped into yesterday's SDK. The new SDK version (that should be slightly less buggy) is available here.

Here's the current (horrible, messy) schematic (done with eagle freeware version)

Comments are appreciated.

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