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I don't really know how to make music, but I like to.. I don't know what the word for music is, but let's say doodle.

It's very confusing to me when composer friends of mine start talking about notes and whatnot, as I have to admit that I don't know any of that stuff. Would like to learn, but who has the time.. =)

On this page you can find some of my.. doodlings.

Licence: cc-by-nc-nd. Contact me in the unlikely event of wanting to use these in something and if you want a more liberal license.

'space hulk'


A quick experiment I did after getting my hands on komplete. Recorded directly to audacity from massive.

'peaceful orbit'


A slightly less quick experiment, combining massive with a guitar rig filter. I wish reaper had an option to render-as-loopable but that doesn't seem to be the case..



This was the first experiment I did with renoise.



Another renoise experiment.



Done with ableton live lite for a ludum dare game. I snipped several samples from this and played them randomly to make a more or less infinite soundtrack.



A NI reaktor player experiment, tied two instruments (a fm sequence and a drum kit) to the same midi input; the whole "song" is just one keypress.



another renoise experiment.



another renoise experiment.

Comments, etc, welcome as usual.

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