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January 17th, 2021 #

Year 2020, huh. That was. Well. Something.

There's a pretty thorough breakdown, and rather disappointingly empty pouet page.

So year in review. Everybody knows the covid messed up just about everything, but since my goals are mostly such that I can do them at home, that shouldn't be a reason.. but there we go.

A year ago I stated that I'd try to get some more hobby programming done. I can't really say that I'd made any great strides there. Music wise I did play around with making music and even streamed playing with my new Korg Wavestate a few times to massive audience of maybe 3 people =)

I'll just go ahead and give up on making goals. I have a bunch of things I'd like to concentrate on, and I might, but it's possible something else comes up.

Stuff, in no particular order:

SoLoud. I only managed one update last year, let's try to get to at least one update this year. If nothing else, there's an accumulated bunch of pull requests and 3rd party libraries to integrate.

DialogTree and by extension MuCho built on top of it. This is pretty much in the shape I left it a year ago. The idea here would be to get it to run on the Spectrum Next to allow people to create games. Maybe I'll whip a visual novel engine using DialogTree. First step would be to get a minimal DialogTree engine running on the next, though.

Music. I'll try to continue to play around with the synths I have, maybe even stream once in a while for people who want to torture themselves listening to someone fumble around. The long-term goal that I have is not to learn to play, but to learn to jam. It's all just for fun.

Finishing a game and getting it on Steam. I had this as a goal a couple years ago, and I still think it's a realistic goal if I just get around to it. I'm not looking to make the next greatest hit, but just to see what the process looks like and do it for the experience. Funnily enough, last time I made this a goal, 3drealms did it for me.

Finishing a hardware project. I have a bunch of them in some half- or even less finished states, including a usb racing wheel thingy and turning raspberry pi into a synth. These wait for major inspirations to advance. At least I managed to finish the hardware project that was required for the new year demo.

Getting in shape. I've found that moving snow is much harder for me, particularly my back, than it has been before. I should do something about it. I'm unlikely to do anything about it, but I should. I've heard good things about hula hooping, maybe I should learn how to. We'll see. Not holding my breath here. Round is a shape, right?

Things I'm more likely to achieve include working through my Steam backlog and watching Netflix. Both of which I could, in theory, manage while using an exercise bike, so there might be some way of getting the fit thing in there. Again, not too optimistic about it.

After 2020, it's pretty hard to feel optimistic about goals, really.


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