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01 - Setting Up SDL with Mac OS X

(other platforms)

The OS X SDL distribution has changed since I wrote this tutorial, so your experience may vary.

Install both the SDL runtime and the SDL development libraries.

Start XCode, and create a new project (file->new project). Select "SDL Application" under the "Application" folder. Click next.

Name the project "gp", and rename the directory to ~/ch01/ and click finish. Let XCode create the directory for you.

Click on main.c and delete it (edit->delete), and delete both references and files when prompted.

Control-click on the project name (under "groups and files") and select Add->new file. Select 'empty file', click next.

Name the file main.cpp and click finish.

After that, you are ready for 02 - SDL Skeleton and Putting Pixels..

Note: if you're new to the Mac OS X platform, you may also wish to read the Appendix A - Releasing on OS X at some point. Don't do it now though - move on to the fun bits first!

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