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Ambrose3D should be quite portable, but the only project files included are for Visual Studio 2003.

In order to use Ambrose3D, you first need to get SDL and SDL_image from Any recent SDL 1.2.x and SDL_image 1.2.x should work, but this example uses SDL 1.2.11 and SDL_image 1.2.5.

Unpack ambrose3d, SDL and SDL_image into the same hierarchy like so:

Start up the ambrose3d.sln from the ambrose3d directory. If you used the exact same versions of SDL and SDL_Image as the project, you're done; if not, you need to change a couple of settings.

Step one: go to project->properties, c/c++ General, and update the Additional IncludeDirectories field to point to the correct the directory names.

Step two: go to Linker general and update the Additional Library Directories to point to the correct directory names.

Setting up the exporter
Copy the from the 'blender' directory to the Blender's script directory. The exact location may vary depending on your setup, but in general, it's either under program files or documents and settings/username/application data..

When you start blender after copying the file, the exporter should appear in the File->Export menu:

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